Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wear This Now~ Hyacinth Purple

It seems like every season there is a fresh, new colour that is inevitably referred to as "the new black". Well, black is truly irreplaceable but during the summer it can often come off a little too..... depressive for these startlingly sunny and sultry days. Shelve the dark clothes until fall and opt for something in this ethereal shade of purple instead. I've been drooling over it everywhere lately and it repeatedly reminds me of adorable little grape hyacinths (one of my favourite flowers). This is a colour that looks good on everyone so don't hesitate. Purple may be a bold choice, something that perhaps lay beyond the comfort zone of most, but it shouldn't be. It is rich enough to be stunning on blondes, brunettes and even us redheads and looks as lovely against a tan as it would next to (sigh) pale skin! Ditch the dark and pick up something in this flattering hue immediately. Trust me~ you'll be glad you did!

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