Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paper Trail

While driving (make that inching) to work last week I was paused at a stop light and had time to admire the uber stylish Moda Hotel on the corner of Seymour and Smithe in downtown Vancouver. I immediately fell in love with its lobby, not least because of its gorgeous birch tree wallpaper. I have become rather obsessed with wallpaper lately and this one appeals to the more rustic side of me~ the side that longs for that summer cottage, walks in the woods and picnics along the lakefront. That being said this paper would look equally stunning in a contemporary urban apartment. It would lend the air of living in a treehouse~ a glamourous hideaway in the middle of the city! Since I'm still averse to hanging wallpaper in my rental apartment I think I may soothe my soul with a cocktail at Moda's lounge Uva instead~ that way I can admire it from afar! 

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