Monday, July 13, 2009

Couture Cocktail Dresses on Etsy

love dresses. I would wear them all day, everyday if it were my choice and I never got cold! There is nothing in comparison to how feminine and downright flirty I feel when I slip into a pretty cocktail dress and a pair of high heels. There is just something about it~ the bare leg, the swishy movement of the short hemline, the definition of the calf muscle in a high heel.....

One of my favourite Etsy sellers is Sarah Seven, an extraordinarily gifted (and young!) dress designer out of Portland, Oregon. Her creations are dreams come true, frothy and flowing confections that look like they are spun from sugar~ all sweetness and innocence! Her designs are custom orders as well, so they are made to the buyer's own measurements. Now who hasn't ever wanted their own piece of couture? I've been lusting for one of her designs since I first discovered her several months ago and I'm convinced this little white dress would be perfect for my end of summer birthday party (if I consent to let it happen!). The blue petal dress is running a very close second! How is a girl to choose? I wish I could have both!

p.s. Sarah even was made mention of in last month's issue of Canadian House & Home magazine. It seems like I'm not even remotely the only one to admire this talent! Plus, her photographs are simply stunning as well! 

Powdered Sugar Dress, $375US
A Peaceful Afternoon Dress, $515US
Tulip Dress, $475US

Visit Sarah Seven's Etsy shop here

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  1. That last blue dress is so beautiful and it was made for you by the looks of it! The colour, the style- you have to have it!


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