Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Search for the Perfect Handbag!

Bags bags bags. I love handbags. Besides a knockout pair of shoes (boots, flats, heels!) and a gorgeous pair of sunglasses, handbags are the ultimate iconic accessory. Be it if you love labels or have quieter taste there are always a bevy of beautiful bags on the market and with fall (gasp!) quickly approaching the new merchandise is flooding the shelves of my favourite stores. I haven't indulged in a new bag since the winter and so I'm on the hunt for something perfect~ perhaps a birthday present for myself! I can picture exactly what I need in my mind~ soft caramel coloured leather, slouchy with one thick strap that I can loop over my shoulder; something roomy but not too big and with pockets so I don't have to frantically dig for phone and keys the way I do now. 

Here are a few of the purses currently rotating on my hit list:

Louis Vuitton's Speedy 25 doctor-style bag in azure Damier canvas. Yes, yes, I know, I see it all over the city, real and fakes alike, but I love the pale colours and the structured style. Plus, what can I say? I love Louis! This is a stretch at near $700 but it is truly an investment piece and I would have it forever. 

I adore Coach's Garnet handbag because of the ultra soft, squishy amethyst leather. The colour is so feminine and this pretty shade could be paired, surprisingly, with a lot of different coats for fall and winter. I also like the kiss lock closure and the pleating along the top of the bag~ these are details done right! At over $400 I might rather opt for the more eternal Louis though. 

The Campo handbag in Burnt Sienna is from J.Crew and though the colour is the closest to what I've been searching for (caramel! yum!) it's not quite as slouchy as I want. Still, the bag itself is so pretty and would definitely hold all my essentials. Plus with only one shoulder strap I wouldn't have to be bothered with one extra strap constantly falling down~ my pet peeve! At $300US it's not insanely pricey. This one is definitely on the short list! 

Also from J.Crew the Campo tote, shown in the sophisticated Slate colour way, is also very chic for fall. Again, it's much more structured than I've been thinking of, but I do love its streamlined style and fashionable gold tone hardware. Also priced at $300US this bag could be worn for many many years. 

Top photo: The Olivia bag from Roots is "the one" I've had my eye on all summer. The Pebble grey leather is baby soft to the touch, the single strap is ideal and it's perfectly slouchy. Not to mention it would certainly hold all my day to day items and still be roomy enough for a book or camera. At around $250 the price point is also very decent and Roots bags are nothing if not well made and trusted. I always find that if there is a certain piece you just can't get out of your mind it's usually best to bite the bullet and buy it. Olivia, you may just have to be mine! 

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