Monday, July 13, 2009

Redheads in Vogue

My one and only monthly purchase, without fail, is a pretty, shiny new copy of Vogue. I love everything about it~ the fantasy world of New York City socialites, the decadent homes of designers and, naturally, the insane fashion (good or bad, it's still amazing). I read it cover to cover, faithfully, every month, falling into a world I know little of but wholeheartedly worship. However, this month I was delighted to find not one, not two but three different spreads with redheads in them (July issue featuring Sienna Miller on the cover)! 

Sometimes as a redhead I feel left out from the glamourous and beautiful fashion world~ redheads are seldom considered as sexy as blondes or as mysterious and bombshell-like as brunettes. So I was thrilled to see The Spectrum's Ends (a high fashion photo shoot) with two different redheaded models, A Star is Shorn featuring model Iris Strubegger's new edgy (and very red) crop and my favourite, Steal of the Month (an article showing off things I may actually be able to buy!) featuring Karen Elson (wife of The White Stripes' Jack White) and Coco Rocha (a fresh face that is everywhere and was raised in the same city I was, Richmond~ local girl done good!). Coco, albeit, is a faux redhead, but I think she makes an amazing one! As a girl who grew up thinking red hair and freckles weren't beautiful, thank you Vogue for affirming that perhaps they are! 

Top: Coco Rocha for Michael Kors
Bottom: Karen Elson for Versace

(Photos via Style)

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