Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday was an off day. It was great in many aspects but I still feel at odds with the world. My best friend and I spent quality time together and it was much needed but I found myself with tears rolling down my face as we drove back into the city after our fun, girly excursion. It was an overwhelming few moments (no longer) of frustration and I couldn't talk myself out of it. Luckily I have a wonderfully supportive bff who calms me down~ and the cry was cleansing and cathartic at least. 

There have been so many "life" questions lately and in that moment, there were too many. I am a very introspective person but all this quiet contemplation only serves to make me miserable and stressed! Perhaps it's best to deal with one thing at a time, something small that I can handle and something that I do have control over (like, hmmmmm, what to do with my life? not small but in my control at least). Taking on too much at once is simply too overwhelming. I need to simplify, breathe, make some decisions, take care of myself. 
Changes to come in the future.

I was driving home late last night and I was nearly stopped dead (in my car, um, not a good idea) by a billboard on the side of the road. I grabbed my phone, not wanting to forget it, and tapped it into my message pad at a stop light. 

"We are not made to understand life but just to live it."

How wonderful. We don't have to comprehend this whole crazy thing we share called life. Just live it. Simplifying. I love it. 


  1. When I have overwhelming days and find myself overly introspective and panicky about what comes next...I tell myself 9 little words that always make me feel better...
    "You don't have to figure it all out today" and I let myself off of the hook and turn my mind off. It seems simple but it is comforting and for me it works. This is a little gift my mom gave me once upon a bummed out time. Thank you mom!Love you Ally!

  2. You (and details) are right. Just be easy on yourself and open to the things that make you feel excited and capable. I miss you already, by the way. hugs.


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