Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Much I Know For Sure

I'm in a questioning phase of life right now. Questioning my present, my future, my very near future. Questioning choices I've made and choices I have to make soon. There are so many things up in the air right now that I feel pulled in a hundred different directions. Despite all the unknowns in life at the moment this much I know for sure.....

1. French toast with maple syrup in a groovy 1950's-esque diner with my BFF solves pretty much anything.
2. Taking a veritable "cat nap" with Lulu solves anything else that #1 didn't solve.
3. I have the best ringtone in the world~ Alison by Elvis Costello.
4. I am really really excited that Christmas is coming and in another month I get to start decorating for it!
5. I really love rainy days, good parking spaces, days I have more than one coffee, days my bangs behave, wearing something new, Red Vines licorice, days when someone cute tells me I'm cute and days when I don't have to make any decisions. 

I also know this much for sure....

I want this dress from Shopbop. I also wish I looked like her, or even could just master the come hither look she's got going on. I think when I try to look like this people just think I'm about to sneeze. Plus, I love her booties. 

These tights from J.Crew are the prettiest ones I've seen all season. I visit them online every few days, they are that pretty. The shoes are pretty outstanding too. And the clutch. And the skirt. Come to think of it, I worship this whole look. But especially the tights. Sigh. 

I passed on these ridiculously beautiful stockings last year at Pottery Barn and I refuse to do that again this year. They are really too lovely to pass up. Plus, I have a mantle crying out for stockings. I'm not sure my (male) roommate will appreciate a white, bejewelled stocking, but too bad for him. He's getting one. 

I also love this eclectic, fun garland from Anthropologie. If I decide to forgo the stockings, this would be the alternative to hang from the mantle. I adore the cheery, bright colours and handmade feel to it. 

One day when I get married I will wear brightly coloured shoes like this bride. Isn't the yellow surprisingly pretty? 

Every time I see a picture of the Eiffel Tower I am happy. This one is no exception. This I know for sure.... next year I will make it back to Paris. I promise myself this. 

If I were to have one fantasy purchase this season it would be these super sexy booties from Christian Louboutin. What can I say? Swoon. And mine for only $1200. No problem (cough, cough). 

If the Louboutins were my splurge, this little number would be my save. My new obsession with Forever 21 has brought me to this hot piece for only $24. Astounding, how much style you can get for so few dollars! It's all about the high/low mix for this girl. 

This much I know for sure.....
I am lucky in many respects. Sometimes things are tough but they always get easier in time. I will decide what to do "when I grow up". Things will become clear. I am lucky for my amazing BFF and my other wonderful, supportive friends. I am lucky for my extraordinary parents. I am lucky for a pretty home and a current job I like to do. I am lucky to have an animal with such fantastic toe hair. I am lucky, this much I know for sure. 

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  1. What a wonderful post :) Sometimes it is so great to think of all the constants in your life, everything you "know for sure" when things seem uncertain or you feel indecisive or torn. Love the tights, and those white stockings are so lovely. They'll be perfect in your place!


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