Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steal Versus Splurge~ Bandage Dresses

While it's fun to drool over beautiful, fashion forward pieces with ka-ching price tags, my budget these days is far more Prosecco than Champagne. Who am I kidding? I hate worshipping over something I can't have, which is why I never window shop. If I find something I love, I usually have to have it. So when the cost is too high I often search for comparable but more wallet friendly alternatives. 

Bandage dresses are incredibly hot right now and I want in on the action. Brought back to the forefront when BCBG designer Max Azria revitalized the defunct Herve Leger line (popular on supermodels in the 80's and 90's), bandage dresses can now be seen on starlets everywhere, such as Rachel Bilson (here), Kristin Bell (here) and even Oscar winner Kate Winslet (here). 

While I adore the look of these super sexy dresses, they start at $2000 (Canadian dollars) and climb from there. Um, not really (or even remotely) in my price range (though I love to admire them in person at the BCBG store on Robson Street). The black Leger dress pictured below~ a cool $1450US.  An alternative? At one tenth the cost I've been lusting for this royal blue number (bottom picture) from French Connection ($148 Canadian). 
Same sex goddess style, but a smart steal instead of silly splurge. 

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  1. That is gorgeous!! I love the colour, and the price is pretty reasonable too.


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