Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I Miss Dearly About Childhood on My Favourite Things

My lovely friend Chloe of My Favourite Things has been revisiting her childhood this week in the most wonderful way. She has been reminiscing about her favourite things when she was a little girl and asking her friends to do the same. I was happy to regress a few years and think of what I missed most about being a child. There were so many happy memories swirling in my brain but I managed to narrow my list down enough to post. 

10 Things I Miss Dearly About Childhood
1. Barbies. My Little Ponies. Gem and the Holograms. Care Bears.
2. Gymnastic "competitions" with two of my neighbours; two of us would compete and one would judge but I could do a back walkover so I basically always won. Oh, the good old days.
3. Elaborate and sweet birthday parties thrown by my amazing mother. 
4. Patent leather Mary Janes with white knee socks. The love of fashion started early.
5. Eating all my trick or treating candy in a week flat. I was (and still am) a sugar fiend!
6. Decorating the Christmas tree with Bing Crosby on the tape deck (yes, tape deck) and drinking egg nog while my Dad swore as he untangled the lights and my mother soothed him and then basically did everything herself. Sigh.
7. Cabbage Patch Dolls. I had two. I rocked.
8. Sticker collecting, for sure. I was beyond obsessed.
9. Splashing in puddles with my gumboots and playing in the rain endlessly. I still love rainy weather.
10. What I miss most~ looking at the world with child's eyes. Everything was so big, endless, possible, easy, simple. I miss that childhood innocence most of all.

Thank you, Chloe, for asking me to take part on your wonderful blog! It is an honour. Please read My Favourite Things for more of these charming lists!

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