Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forever 21 Coming Soon to Vancouver

While I adore fashion and spending a good amount of money on one special piece, bargain hunting is always fun to fill out what is lacking in my wardrobe. My favourite haunts for bargains are normally Zara and H&M, but there will be a new go-to store for me come November when massive American retailer Forever 21 opens their first "Vancouver" store (Burnaby actually) in the Metrotown Shopping Centre. I, for one, can't wait to scour the new location for trends I don't want to spend a fortune on. I've been eyeing these below on the website~ but I'll have to wait another few weeks to 
snap them up in person! 

This season it's all about the boyfriend blazer and I really like this one. I've been coveting my roommate Nicole's and the other night at work a girl was wearing one like this over a killer cocktail dress~ it looked amazing. I like the striped satin lining at the rolled up sleeves~ a peek of personality despite the conservative bend of the jacket! And for around $30? No problem. 

This little evening bag is perfect for a night out~ I love the fashionable studs and long chain handle! And all for $13! Woo! 

I adore the detail on this fashionable little black dress~ the draping in front, pleated hem and bustier top is stylish enough to persuade me to buy black. 

Update: The store is already open and I'm heading there tomorrow to scout it out! Can't wait to see it and report back! 


  1. That black dress is so pretty, and I actually really like the motorcycle jacket in the top picture-tres chic! I may be wrong, but I believe the store is actually already open!

  2. P.S. It looks like they have a ton of cute stuff, I actually featured a black lace top from them in my post "Lace Love" Check it out!

  3. It is open! I'm so excited! I'm going tomorrow!

  4. None of the three things above were in store! Argh. A little annoying, I have to admit, but part of being way up here in Canada. Still, I got some great finds and will go again very soon.


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