Friday, October 23, 2009

Living Their Dream

Yesterday was a completely lovely day. A happy reunion sort of day. A year ago my beautiful and kind friend Erin and her utterly adorable husband Dan packed their belongings and headed down to live in Los Angeles. Both E and D are actors and Hollywood is there waiting for them. The last year has proven many acting jobs, classes and successes for these two amazing people and I loved hearing about their new life down south. Erin and Dan are and will continue to conquer their dreams and they inspire me to do the same in the very near future. They are truly doing what they love everyday~ not many people can say that. They fly back to LA today and our short visit is on hiatus... until I go to see them in May! I can't wait for another reunion~ and a sunnier, warmer one at that! 

I love you two! Visit Dan and Erin's lovely blog and read all about their life in LA here
ps- E- Can you believe all the Coldplay songs we heard yesterday?! Talk about meant to be! xo

Dan and Erin onstage in Room Service

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