Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ally Redhead? Maybe Not Right Now...

I am not really a redhead anymore. 
And I don't know how to feel about it. 
I got my hair coloured for only the second time in my life yesterday. I was nervous going to the salon because the first time I had my colour done it was a very very dramatic change~ my light red hair going to a very dark reddish brown. I didn't feel like me. I felt like someone else looking in the mirror. Red hair is hard to dye and the colour washed out eventually but lately I've been in the mood for a change again. I had a colour consultation two weeks ago where the stylist and I carefully selected my shade from sample books and a picture. I was thinking Kate Walsh (Private Practice) red, even Ashlee Simpson red. A pretty, richer, slightly darker red. I was told the change would be fairly subtle, only to cover the persistent (and annoying) grey at my temples and even out the last of the colour from my previous process. 

Hmmmmm..... subtle it is not. The two shade difference we discussed is more like ten shades different. Or more. And again I don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Who is that dark haired girl? I don't even feel like me. I spent way too much time staring into my closet today, debating what to wear. I need brighter colour to counteract the darkness of the hair~ not to mention far more make up so I don't appear washed out. 
Ugh. Too. Much. Thinking.

I'm not the type who cries during haircuts (I always want to smack those girls on America's Next Top Model) or freaks out over the odd split end. Hair is hair. It grows, it changes. I trust the professionals. Am I crazy about my hair right now? Uh, no. I wanted what I asked for and that I didn't get. It's disappointing sometimes to put your faith in someone when they don't deliver their end of the deal. Have I learned yet another lesson? Yep. Clearly when it comes to my hair I have to be an aggressive, persistent bugger. I need to state exactly what I want and not budge a bit, not even a shade. I have another appointment booked in 8 weeks. Hopefully the worst will be washed out by then and we can start this cycle again..... 
just in time for Christmas. 

Photos may be provided soon of the new 'do but they have yet to be taken..... we'll see. 

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  1. Yes, post some pictures please! You're always your own worst critic, maybe you just need to get used to it. However, I totally understand that it is beyond frustrating when you don't get what you want-ugh!


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