Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here's the thing....getting over someone is an amazing thing. In the beginning you think it will never happen. You've never met anyone like them, you miss them, their voice, their smile, their everything. You'll never find anyone as cool, smart, deep (dysfunctional, selfish, narrow minded). All you want is to go back. Rewind to the happier times, simpler times, or maybe even rewind to before they entered your life so you wouldn't feel like this now. Time goes by. You eventually put the ice cream carton (vodka, chocolate, sweat pants) away and start to go out with your girlfriends. You start to notice other men again~ cute men who look back at you. You don't think of him every waking moment and things that reminded you of him only days ago, those things start to fade, lose significance. 

Getting over someone is an amazing thing. You think it will never happen, that you'll never forget. But you do. Life is wonderful that way. Time heals (pretty much) all wounds. Human nature pokes its head through the earth and you start to feel like yourself again~ lovable, worthy, ready. What hurt weeks ago is now a dull ache in the back of your mind....and that too fades eventually. Getting over someone feels powerful, like you mastered a challenge. And you did. You are choosing to value yourself over someone who you are not meant to be with (no matter how cool, smart, deep). Choose yourself, every time. 

Getting over someone. It will happen, despite what it feels like in the beginning. Just give it time. I promise. Life looks better on the other side of it. And once again, anything is possible.

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