Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smile of the Day- Paprika

On Sunday I fell in love. Luckily this is not with a boy who will break my heart. My girlfriends and I were waiting for a table for brunch in Yaletown and out front of the restaurant three dogs waited patiently for their owner to finish his Benedict. My heart was gone. I have wanted a dog for years but both my apartment building and lifestyle (and pocketbook) don't allow for it yet. Still, whenever I see a dog I adore I write down the name of the breed for my "One Day" file. Pomeranian? Check!

Paprika had me right away. She was this little pile of golden fluff and nothing more. Her bark (and she only did so when her mom came to collect her) was the cutest one I've ever heard. She was so sweet and lovable (and hilariously smaller than Lulu). I wish I could have scooped her up and taken her home right then. But "One Day" will have to do. 

(Photo via Google and not the real Paprika *sigh*)


  1. oh, what a cutie! it's painful. i'm in a no-pets place too.

  2. Oh my gosh! These dogs are sooo cute!! I saw them at the pet store awhile ago actually and wanted to scoop one up and take him home. I think they're actually a cross between a pomeranian and something else...forget what they're called..they look like little bears or something. Adorable.


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