Sunday, November 15, 2009

Short Stuff

Shorts as formal wear? Shorts instead of a skirt? 
And shorts with tights, no less? Hmmmm. 

When this trend first popped up this season I was very unsure. It seemed like some people just couldn't let go of summer! Hello, people! Come on, embrace fall! Put down the shorts! However, I was wrong. When you choose the right shorts paired with the right tights, shoes, top and accessories...this look is fashion forward, edgy and incredibly stylish. I can admit it. I was wrong, and now I love this combination. J.Crew has styled this look to perfection. Not only do they sell beautiful, dressy shorts but they have perfectly on trend, patterned tights and my fave, booties! Be brave and try this look. Your gutsiness will pay off! 

(All photos via J.Crew)

1 comment:

  1. Still not sure if I can rock this trend! Although I do really like how they're worn in the first and third to last pictures.


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