Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Inspiration on Etsy

I've been scouring my favourite website, Etsy, for Christmas gift ideas~ both for others and myself (naturally). There is no shortage of amazing, creative gifts and I'm sharing a few on my personal wish list here. As a reminder~ if you order anything online for the holidays be sure to give yourself enough time for delivery! There is nothing like presents for your loved ones not arriving on time (ouch). 

Alice in Wonderland is my absolute and enduring favourite. I love everything about it and so I adore this print above. It's Alice and the Cheshire Cat, printed on vintage dictionary paper. It would be a unique, interesting addition to my burgeoning gallery wall. 

I love candle light, even when I'm home alone, and there is nothing I love more than music. These sheet music covered tea light holders are so sweet and super affordable. 

I love this adorable print of a young red headed girl, Leonie. She is so sweet and serious looking (and maybe a little sad too?). She would be another fantastic addition to my gallery wall. 
Now if only she had blue eyes...

The most handsome and gorgeously rugged movie star to ever grace the silver screen (in my humble opinion), I love this canvas tote bag emblazoned with the image of Steve McQueen. I could carry this lovely face as an alternative to those other, boring, reusable shopping bags. 
A much better option, I think. 

It's been my dream ever since I was little to be able to paint. I wish so much I had the innate talent for it. Well, I certainly do not and so I love to admire the work of others. This sweet little painting, Beckoning Path, would be perfect on a small wall in the apartment. At only $45 it is shockingly affordable for a work of original art. 

This brushed gold, leaf necklace is so pretty and delicate and would look amazing with a strapless top or dress. Plus, every girl needs a little beautiful something at Christmas time!

Here are a few of my Christmas gift ideas! Etsy is an amazing source for anyone you could possibly have to buy for. 
Visit it today and support handmade! 

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