Thursday, November 12, 2009

It May Be Way Too Early But....

The stores are filling up with Christmas decor and ornaments and I hate to admit it.... but I'm already planning my holiday decor! Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I love the smell of apple cider brewing to sample in Williams Sonoma. I love the persistent cheer of carols in the stores and (I shamefully admit it) on a permanent loop in my car. I love sending and receiving cards in the mail, if for no other reason than to express love at such a time of the year. I love it all, the happiness and gushiness of it all. 

I decorate my place faithfully on the 1st of December. Sadly my apartment building won't let me have a live tree so mine is a fake. It does a good job but I love the smell of a real tree. Still, there are plenty of pretty decorations to sustain me through the holiday season and I love to spread them throughout my entire apartment, even the kitchen and powder room. I'll certainly post on the upcoming holiday more as it draws closer but I wanted to share some of the holiday decor seen at my favourite place, The Cross. Isn't it all heavenly? 

I utterly love this white Christmas tree. I want one for myself this year!

Owls are my absolute favourite! I adore both the owl lamp and the tree ornaments like crazy! 

Cupcake and pink reindeer ornaments? These are so on my list! 

Snowflake scatter is perfect for a seasonal party! 

(Photos via The Cross' Facebook Fan Page)

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