Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need a Drink? Me Too!

Okay, I admit it, I like (love?) a good cocktail. I'm not a beer girl, I don't do shots and I'll certainly drink the odd glass of wine, but at heart I love a refreshing, pretty, even girly cocktail. My best friend Leah and I love to go into West (where her boyfriend is an amazing cook), sit at the bar and request the bartender to make whatever he wants for us. It never, ever disappoints and these have been, to date, the most amazing concoctions I have ever had. 

For anyone who enjoys a decent drink around the city, the December issue of Vancouver Magazine has a feature on exactly this. Especially as the holidays descend, it is a great source on where to find the best cocktails in the city to celebrate, as well as the most decadent bar snacks (written by my ever talented and handsome boss Chris Gonzalez, and that's with a Z thank you very much) and plenty of other entertaining tidbits, such as the best and worst pick up lines ever uttered in these establishments and the secret behind the inimitable Vancouver nightclub The Roxy (oh memories!). Just reading this made me ready to hit the town again to eat and drink up a storm. The perfect ending to a day of Christmas shopping, I think! 

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