Friday, February 5, 2010

No Domestic Goddess Here

I am no domestic goddess, believe me. Though I love amateur decorating and baking the odd piece of sugary goodness (usually from a mix), I am no Martha Stewart. This hugely frustrates me. I wish I were effortlessly crafty and handy. I am definitely not.

Today I started painting my bedroom. After a little over a year in my apartment I have finally felt strong and assured enough in that my roomie and I will stay for awhile and so I took myself off to the paint store to celebrate settling in a bit more. The colour I picked is called Skylight and is a soothing, pale aqua~ very reminiscent of this pretty room and this one above. One litre, two hours and several repeats of my current fave iTunes playlist (featuring Phoenix, Mumford & Sons and The Silversun Pickups) later there is one wall done. One! So why does it feel like I scaled a mountain?! I'm a wuss, I know! But seriously, one litre equals one wall?! Back to the paint store I go tomorrow. Still, it looks dreamy. So much better than beige. Who needs a beige life? Not this girl. Even if I did step in the paint can lid several times. See what I mean? Definitely not a domestic goddess.


  1. Congrats, I'd love a place to decorate!! I hope it continues to come out lovely and that you keep motivated in painting!!

  2. Thank you! Yes, the keeping motivated may be a challenge! We'll see how I feel tomorrow!


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