Monday, February 22, 2010

My Life~ Olympics Edition

Today was a GREAT day! I had the afternoon off and so I was able to be a tourist in my own hometown, so to speak. I met up with my friend Kayli in the afternoon and we roamed our city, participating in
Olympic fever!

We started out with lunch on Granville Island, currently home to the French Quarter, Atlantic Canada House and Swiss House. We ate at Sandbar, which was hopping as usual (no surprise there!). Well fed, we then walked over the Granville Street Bridge on this ridiculously beautiful day. It may technically be winter but here it is lovely, mild and sunny! Once downtown we wandered through the mob at Robson Square, where we saw the zip liners soar over our heads and took a few photos behind our beautiful Art Gallery. We then made our way down to the waterfront and the new Convention Centre to take in the Olympic Cauldron and its incredible flame. It was a truly wonderful day and I felt inordinately proud to be a Canadian
and especially a Vancouverite!

ps- My cute hat is from The Cross at Homer and Davie! If you live in Vancouver come and get your own!

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  1. Sounds like a great afternoon :) You look so cute in your hat! Can't wait to see you next week xo


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