Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DIY~ Painting Furniture

My domestic streak has continued since I started painting my bedroom last week (a project that has been postponed for the moment, until the end of the Olympics). DIY time! One of the first pieces of furniture I purchased when I first moved out on my own was an Asian lacquered chest from Moe's on South Granville. I liked the proportions and the details of the chest but I hated the dark, shiny wood. I bought it because the price was fantastic, always with the idea in my mind that I would have it professionally spray painted, a technique I see done by Sarah Richardson on her HGTV design shows all the time. Little did I know that having the chest painted would cost as much as the piece itself! I was quoted over $300! Um, no.

Several years later and it was still a dark eyesore in my otherwise pale, pretty apartment. I researched online the best way to repaint a piece of furniture myself and tackled the job last Monday (while simultaneously watching One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and my favourite, Castle). It was so easy! I sanded the heck out of the glossy finish, applied three coats of oil based primer and then two coats of latex paint with a foam roller. Voila! My chest is exactly what I'd always hoped it would be~ pale, girly, me! I couldn't be more thrilled that my crafty tendencies were a success! And instead of costing $300 it was a mere steal at $40 for the supplies and paint! I feel like Martha and couldn't be happier about it...
but you still won't find me making potpourri!

My inspiration piece~ the photo that sold me on going blue! A bold choice but I adore it!

The initial product. Just not my thing. I'm not a fan of dark furniture.

Oil based primer is the DEVIL! It gets everywhere and doesn't come out! By far the worst part! It still covers my sink. Ugh. I used three coats to cover the chest.


The final result! I love it and am thrilled it's completed!


  1. good for you! totally cute, i like the blue! it reminds me of Bubbles, the Powerpuff girl haha.

  2. Great job! It looks lovely :) I refurbished an antique freestanding mirror a couple summers back-it's a lot of work, but fun!


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