Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wish List- Tiffany & Co.

Every week I intend to reveal something on my Wish List (trust me, it's a long list!) and share with you things to covet in our wildest dreams! This week I'm lusting after Tiffany & Co.'s new Key Collection necklaces. Designed after antique hardware, Tiffany has reinvented an everyday item into something incredibly beautiful, delicate and fashion forward. These necklaces are inventive and charming~ a very fresh take on an everyday accessory. The keys are offered in gold, platinum, sterling silver and the pulse-racing diamond collection, with several different chains to pick and choose from. The diamond key above is truly a Wish List only item at a spine tingling $15,000 (yeah, in my dreams), but the more modest silver crown key is a more manageable $295. The Key Collection can be found at the Tiffany & Co. store on Burrard and Alberni Streets, where I intend to go very soon and have (what else?) breakfast. Audrey, I think, would be proud. 

Visit Tiffany & Co. here

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