Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chivalry~ Dead or Alive?

Don't get me wrong. I love men. LOVE 'em. However, lately I've been wondering this~ is chivalry dead? I sincerely hope not but it seems incredibly hard to find chivalrous behaviour in the average man these days. Perhaps this is a ridiculous generalization and yet I spend my days being cut in front of by men (definitely no ladies first any longer), ignored when a friendly smile is offered (um hello, it's a smile, I'm not asking for a marriage proposal!) and I don't even remember the last time a door was held open for me (if ever). I often wonder how it was being a woman 50 years ago~ what was "courting" like? How did men truly treat women? Did they buy flowers (without being ordered to!)? Has chivalry gone out with the times as women have become men's equals in the professional world?

I had all but given up hope when something restored my faith a few weeks ago. I was helping a man at the store, giving him inane advice on what to buy friends as a wedding gift (he took my brilliant advice) and as his gift was being wrapped he went to have breakfast at a dive I recommended. Later when he returned to pick up his purchase he came to thank me and gave me a truly lovely bouquet of flowers. I was completely moved. There was no ulterior motive, no phone number left or requested. It was simply a gesture, a thoughtful kindness. This stranger made my day and weeks later I still think of that sweet and generous man out there and how lucky one lady will be to have him one day. So, boys, if you're reading this you may think about holding open a door even once in awhile, or buying your girl a bunch of tulips or running her a bath after a long day (or even better, a back rub!). A friend recently reminded me that chivalry isn't dead, it's just hiding a little more these days. Look hard enough, girls, and it's bound to reveal itself. Or it will if the guy is worth it!

What do you think? Is chivalry dead?

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  2. I JUST talked to david about this (after I insisted that he open the car door for me) chivalry is in need of a comeback! I like to feel special ;)

  3. Chivalry is in total need of a comeback! You deserve it! We all do!


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