Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everything Old is New Again....With Vintage!

If you haven't yet visited or shopped on you are sadly behind the times, people! I discovered the website just over a year ago through a friend and fell instantly and thoroughly in love. Etsy is a site that allows individual designers and artists to sell their own wares to the public, and for them it is a way to enhance sales and access widespread exposure that normally eludes such small business owners. Etsy is a treasure trove of anything you could ever want to buy~ from stunning photography and original art to baby onesies, from heartbreakingly beautiful wedding gowns to personalized stationery. Etsy is also a hotbed for vintage finds. As a girl who is constantly on the lookout for something different and charming, to me Vancouver's vintage scene seems seriously and disappointingly lacking. So I turn to Etsy when I'm craving something new....yet old! On Friday I had to have the vintage rhinestone feather pin above, estimated to be from the middle of last century and that I picked up for only $10US plus $4 in shipping. In just a few days I'll find this beautiful and original piece in my mailbox! A few other vintage finds I thought I'd share are the 1930's beaded sunburst evening bag ($20US!!!!) and the lust-worthy Art Deco diamond ring (a slightly more extravagant $500US, but hey, it's genuine 1920's and diamonds!). If you haven't been to I recommend a visit. Happy shopping! 

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