Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Beginning!

To blog or not to blog.... an ever present question in our modern day 2009. It seems like everyone is doing it, from pseudo celebs on myspace, to Gwyneth's GOOP (yes, I read it and love it). In my 2009 strangers and friends alike are blogging about their days and inviting people into the inner sanctums of their lives, divulging charming anecdotes to all who are there to listen. So here I find myself with a desire to "blog" (when did that even become a verb?!). It comes from a place inside needing to express some sort of creativity within my life~ with my English Literature degree all but finished my term paper writing days are happily (joyously! ecstatically!) over, but I'm not ready to put the theoretical pen down. When I was little I used to start story after story, trying to get something on paper before I got bored and abandoned my (scintillating, I'm sure) characters to a life unfinished. My mother still has dozens of one page stories started by yours truly. Here is something I can start and finish, a way to share little short stories of my life and the lives of the people I love all around me. Welcome to Ally Redhead! 

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