Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Anyone who knows me knows how passionately I love home decor. I am lucky enough to live in my dream apartment in a 90-year-old heritage building with pretty architectural details (beautiful hardwood! old fashioned fireplace! wainscoting!) in the South Granville neighbourhood of Vancouver. Sure, it's not perfect (24/7 noise, colourful dumpster divers in the back alley) but it's worth it to have a space I love so much and am so inspired by. Renting in the city always presents somewhat of a conundrum~ how much do you put into your place and how much do you spend when you have no idea how long you'll stay? Having been happily ensconced in our place for nearly 6 months the urge has overcome me to plant firmer roots and make the apartment a little more like home. This means pulling out the paintbrush, hunting for curtains and and finally getting my bed off the floor and in front of a pretty headboard (or a four poster bed....sigh).

As a girl who lives in front of HGTV and consumes numerous monthly decorating magazines the perfect bedroom has always been my ultimate goal. The bedroom is one's sanctuary, a space that can be highly personalized and luxurious in a way a family room or kitchen perhaps cannot (or just in a different way). I am on the hunt to make my bedroom as pretty as possible. Any volunteers to help me paint?! On the list to find is an upholstered headboard, two matching lamps for the bedside tables, pretty drapes to cover the unsightly privacy blinds and other decadent accessories. This doesn't have to cost a lot! One of my favourite places in the city to hunt for finds is Home Sense and I often come away with steals that look far more elegant than their humble discount store origins! I also scour pricier places like The Cross or Chintz & Company for smaller decor items, resulting in big style at a smaller price point. I love the hits of yellow in the bedroom above. I think this bedroom would be cheerful even on the grayest of days. Hmmm.....I think I'll put a yellow accessory on my list! Now who wants to go shopping with me?!

(Photos courtesy of Sarah Richardson's Design Inc. website)

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