Monday, May 25, 2009

Watch This Now!

If you haven't heard any buzz about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in the last year then perhaps you've been living in a bubble (or under a rock). If you haven't yet seen it then please, for me, watch it now. Starring the horribly unattractive pairing of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett (cue obvious eye roll here~ clearly a stunning duo if ever there was one, and playing lovers for the second time after 2006's Babel) the movie is based on the short story by amazing American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald (also of The Great Gatsby fame). The film is centred around Benjamin, born old and growing younger as time passes, but more importantly is a story about kindred spirits and true soulmates who can only be together for a very short moment in time, when their ages meet in the middle. A truly remarkable, visibly stunning and emotionally moving film about how true love prevails, even if it is not meant to be forever. And coming from a natural one, Cate Blanchett makes a truly lovely redhead! 

ps- The photograph above of Benjamin and Daisy in bed is one of my favourite cinema images of all time. The intimacy between them feels so real, so palpable, I can honestly imagine that is how true love and real intimacy should look and feel like. It's also my favourite scene in the movie. Please reward yourself and watch this now! 

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  1. I loved this film as well. Haven't seen it on dvd yet-must do!


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