Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Positive Thoughts

I have been absent for awhile, I know. This has been for a few reasons but two I'll share with you.

One~ my computer has up and died on me. I was on my two year old Mac laptop one night as per usual, doing nothing offensive or particularly high risk (unless you consider surfing for fab spring clothes high risk, which I suppose it could be, but only to a credit card!). The pesky little coloured wheel wouldn't let me do a thing and so I shut the darn thing off. Lo and behold, when I turned it back on I was staring at a blue screen and nothing else. Everything was gone in a few, mere seconds. Beyond frustrating. It's being looked at now but I have no idea if anything can be salvaged.

Two~ I have been feeling blah lately. And not just a tiny little blah, but seriously uninspired. Do I keep going with this with no determined game plan? How much can I possibly blog about things to buy or what to wear? I love these posts on other girls' blogs as much as the next person but it's not terribly meaningful or affecting anyone.

I started this blog because I had something to say and things to share and somewhere along the way I lost my love for it. It became competitive and I hate that. I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I do this for me, even if three people read it (one of which is my mother). So I will continue to share things I love on Ally Redhead, be it a happening in my life, a story, an anecdote or a pretty dress. I need to return to what I felt when I started this little thing almost a year ago. So keep posted for new things, new inspirations and a new me.

So here are a few of the wonderful, happy and thrilling (or even just good) things that have happened to me lately. Let's take a moment for positivity...

My friend Kristen had a gorgeous baby girl, Anabelle

My best friend Nicole had a fabulous birthday celebration

I've told off someone it felt damn good to tell off

I got a new bed (the most blissful, cozy thing in the world)

I let go of someone who treated me badly

I've made some incredible new friends
(quite thrilling at 30 to still meet amazing, cool, generous and warm girlfriends)

I decided to not let bad feelings keep me from doing things I love~ including this!

Thank you for visiting, sweet readers, and I'll be back on top form, blogging away soon!
xoxo Ally

ps- Love this cute little floral dress and denim jacket for spring!


  1. Hey Ally!

    First of all, you are wrong in your count of how many people read your blog. The first thing I do do every morning after coffee and some sunshine, is see if you have updated your wonderful blog. Further, I got my friend and sister addicted to it as well! It's your inspiring words, the connection that readers make with you. Even the happiness you express about something that happened in and around your life is something that has the capability to connect. You have a way with words and it brightens my day, gives me a cheery disposition every morning. Finally, the reason why your blog is so beautiful, is because every time I read your blog I hear your voice in it.

    You will have no idea how many people come by this site everyday just because they are not registered as followers, I assure you countless of strangers smile at your words.


    Ruby =)

  2. When you were 5 years old in Grade 1 you were writing about "birds soaring up into the turquoise sky". Your talent and love for writing had begun! It has stayed with you all these years and is a very special part of you. Don't ever give it up!

  3. yor blog makes me smile, which makes me happy, which is a good thing.

  4. i love it too! and i check back every day to see if you have anything new. hope to hear from you soon;)

  5. I hope you keep writing too! This blog is adorable, touching and it helps me to feel closer to a friend when I'm far away. Your positivity list was great, by the way. Lots to celebrate!

  6. I just found your blog and am in complete sync with you, I just started blogging again and feel the same way. I think if you just do what comes from your heart, in the most genuine way possible, that it is always the right thing to do. So with that said, write because you must. And P.S. I love your blog:)


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