Monday, December 7, 2009

Smelling Delicious~ One of the Perks of Being a Girl!

Smelling delicious is a hugely important thing for a girl. The same goes for silky soft skin and a sweetly scented home. Bath & Body Works is a mecca for all these things and, until now, was my go-to location for indulgent treats only when visiting the States. Well, now I don't need to dig out my passport and line up at the border to pick up the most heavenly of body lotions and bubble baths (thank goodness, my passport is actually expired)! 

Bath & Body Works has opened a huge store in Richmond Centre, only twenty minutes from downtown Vancouver, and is filled to the brim with its yummy products in amazing scents, such as Warm Vanilla Sugar, Wild Honeysuckle, Rainkissed Leaves and Sea Island Cotton. It is nearly impossible to meander through the store without slathering yourself in a dozen different scented potions or sniff every candle on the shelves. It is the perfect place to finish your Christmas shopping for Mom, your kid's teacher or any hard to please girlfriend. 

I can't wait to stock up! 

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