Friday, December 11, 2009

Little Notes

Dear snow,
Please come. You were here by now last year and you were so beautiful and festive. I can't wait to pull on my boots and troop around in you. Please, please come! 

Dear vendor on Robson Street selling roasted chestnuts,
You are wonderful, filling the air with scented deliciousness. One of the many lovely aromas of Christmas, including cookies baking in the oven and mulled apple cider, simmering on the stove!

Dear Christmas list,
Why are you not shrinking? I keep shopping and wrapping, but you seem only to grow.
ps- Why oh why is everyone on my list so hard to buy for? I need to find those perfect gifts and it is seeming impossible! Sigh. 

Dear incredibly nice people who come into work,
Thank you for continually maintaining my faith in the human race. Nice people rock. 
(Dear meanies, Cheer up.)

Dear Death Cab for Cutie,
Your latest single, Meet Me at the Equinox, is off the charts outstanding. I am slightly grossed out that it's on the New Moon soundtrack, but I will overlook that, as it's so amazing. Every line is perfection. What can I say? I love music that makes me cry and think at the same time and this definitely does that. 

Dear Kate and Pat's bun in the oven,
What are you, little one? A boy or a girl? I can't wait until your mommy tells me. It's really hard to find super cute, unisex baby wear. 

Dear Christmas, 
I love you but you're a lot of pressure! Still. I love you. See you in two weeks. xo

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  1. your wish has come true;) well, a little bit anyways. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


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