Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big Topic

Two of my best friends came over for a spontaneous girly Christmas afternoon yesterday and while we drank Baileys over ice and ate sugar cookies we did what girls do best (or most)~ we talked boys. Boys boys boys. Could there be a topic that girls turn to more? If there is, I don't know what it could be. 

Our ratio on my sofa was 2:1, two unmarried versus one married, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. The beautiful, madly in love and blissfully married Christina can sure as hell talk boys with the best of 'em. Our venting (that would be Nic and myself) turned, effortlessly, into the "big" topic. The one thing we girls could talk endlessly about. 

The Soul Mate (capital letters, of course). I think humans are split down the middle on this topic. Most girls I know wholeheartedly believe in the concept of having a soulmate. The men in my life that I have asked are rather more ambivalent about the idea. Despite that, I think most people would like to know that they get to be with the love of their life, for their life. 

Nicole and I... and soulmates. We wonder if we have met them already. Have we? There are men in our life, in our past, that we wonder about. What is a soulmate? The person you can never stop thinking about. The person who understands you and wants to know you, inside and out. The person you can't give up on, no matter what. The person who makes you laugh, think, dream and melt in one incredibly beautiful package. The person you wonder if you can live without. 

Have I felt this? Maybe. Do I know for sure? Of course not.

Soulmate discussion... to be continued....


  1. I really want to dive in on this one. The only thing that I can say about souldmates is - you will know...and they know too. Soulmates are not a maybe thing. You know this with girlfriends - your souldmates take the good, bad and ugly - men will too if they are right for you. Never make someone a priority to whom you are only an option - this goes for mind, body and spirit. If you can't stop thinking about someone and the possibilities it is because they have left something in you unfullfilled - longing for that thing you can't quite nail down. They weren't the one if they are gone. The good news is, the best is in front of you, not behind you. Look forward for what you truely long for.

  2. thank you lauren M...i cant get over this question: are they really your soulmate if they push you away? I cant get past a yes...even if my heart breaks every day...

  3. I agree with Lauren, if they are gone and in the past, then they can't have been your soul mate. I do believe in finding someone who truly understands you, fulfills you, and with whom you have a deep connection that you simply couldn't live without. If that is a soul mate, then yes, I believe they exist. However, I am still torn if there is only one person in the world and in one lifetime that you can have this connection with...and is it always a romantic one? Good topic! See we need a get-together so we can talk more!


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